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Onsite storage units are fully customizable to meet your needs. You don’t have to “make due” with a storage container that doesn’t work for you. Some of the modification options for mobile storage units include: -Additional doors and windows to turn your mobile storage unit into a makeshift office -Various types of shelving to accommodate small, medium, or large boxes -Secure locking systems/padlocks. Onsite Storage offers solutions to meet the changing storage needs of today’s businesses. While a construction company might need additional brackets installed to accommodate ladders, a hardware store down the street might prefer a mobile unit set up for optimal inventory storage. Onsite Storage can help meet the needs of every customer through numerous modification options. Security is important. Your personal belongings, sensitive documents, and even the tools that make up your livelihood are stored in those containers. Where better to store those items than on your own property, where you have full control over the level of access?

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